Associate Journal Editor

Personal Message

I have been very fortunate to have worked with people who were always passionate about mathematics as well as leadership. This is where my love of leading and learning comes from. My educational career spans over 20 years and I have worked as a teacher, math coach, curriculum specialist, and principal. There is a sense of mathematical unitedness when educators are working towards doing what is right for students on a daily basis. Today, I work as an assistant professor in educational leadership. NCSM has been an integral part of my mathematical leadership journey and I am excited to serve as the associate journal editor.

I am an assistant professor for USD in their Educational Leadership Division.

Member Story

As I entered the math profession and then math leadership, I was always looking for something to help deepen my craft when my supervisor asked a group of math leaders to attend NCSM. Well, that was it for me! I found a place where emphasis was equally placed on content and pedagogy. It was a place where I learned some of the best coaching methods and leadership strategies. NCSM has materials for me to use and apply as I need them (this is why I love the Coaching Corner!). Finally, this organization has helped me grow as an educator and leader and I am beyond fortunate to be a part of this amazing group of people.