Awards Chair

Personal Message

I found NCSM at a time in my career where I was losing the love of teaching. I was supporting teachers as a coach but not really knowing where I was going and what I was doing. NCSM provided me with a network of amazing people, as well as resources, that help support me and the teachers and leaders with whom I work. NCSM has reenergized my passion for finding ways to reach all students, young or old, to find their enthusiasm for math.

Member Story

In 2010, I joined NCSM with the hopes that I might find other people to collaborate with about issues that I faced in my position. What I found was an organization that is dedicated to supporting people to become leaders to help change mathematics education so that everyone has access and the opportunity to succeed. I participated in my first NCSM leadership academy in 2011 where we discussed how to encourage teachers to incorporate the mathematical practices. I was so inspired by this professional development that I even signed up to volunteer at the booth during the corresponding NCTM Regional Conference. In 2012, I applied for the Iris Carl Grant and attended my first national NCSM conference. From there, I was hooked. The sessions and the networking provide me the energy and enthusiasm to continue with our work to find ways to help all students succeed. I look forward to supporting NCSM’s vision and work as the Award Chair in the coming years.