Conference Coordinator

Personal Message

As the current membership chair, it is my goal to reach out to leaders across the nation who are interested in our mission and vision. My committee is looking for leaders who believe in doing something meaningful and want to be a part of our professional group. We are seeking members who want to help us broaden the impact of NCSM on the educational community. Our goal is to welcome numerous new members as well as retain our current members.

Member Story

Newly appointed as the Olathe KS District Supervisor of Mathematics, I joined NCSM in the late 1970’s. To network with other leaders, I attended my first national conference. Back then, NCSM helped me with what was happening across the nation and how it affected my school district and me. NCSM helped me to reach out to other leaders with similar job interests. I soon learned that NCSM not only promoted my profession but provided numerous benefits including life-long friends from across the US and Canada. Today, more than ever, I depend on NCSM to continue guiding me as an effective leader of mathematics.