Nominations Chair

Personal Message

NCSM is one of the best organizations in which to grow as a leader. We are always at the cutting edge of what is best for students and adults. The sense of genuine care and high-quality professional learning is at the forefront for our members. Over the years, the organization has grown to include all levels of leadership – not just those with the word "Math" in their titles. The leadership needed to improve mathematics learning across the country rests in everyone from teacher leaders to Superintendents. And the emphasis on equity and closing the opportunity gaps for children must be tackled by all educators. This is what NCSM is particularly positioned to do in a variety of formats. As an organization, we are truly making a positive impact on generations to come.

Member Story

As a young High School Math Department Chair in 1993, I was pointed in the direction of NCSM as a valuable resource to connect me with other Math Leaders across the country. In those initial years, I was soaking up as much as I possibly could about how to insure we were growing the next generation of strong mathematical students. NCSM truly provided me a vehicle to explore and expand my own leadership abilities. Over the last few decades, I have had the opportunity to serve in various leadership roles through NCSM that have contributed to my ability to be an effective leader in my school district. Now, serving as Superintendent of Schools in the south suburbs of Chicago and serving as the Vice-Chair of the Illinois School Board of Education, it is the consistency of role modeling of exemplary leadership in NCSM that has equipped me to be ready at any given time. Joining NCSM over 25 years ago was one of the single most impactful decisions in my professional life.