Regional Director, Canada

Cheryl Cantin

Cheryl Cantin

Mathematics, Science & Technology Consultant

Eastern Townships School Board
340 Saint-Jean-Bosco
Magog, Québec
J1X 1K9

(450) 577-4379



Director Report

News from the Canada Region
Cheryl Cantin, Canada Regional Director
Winter 2019/2020

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"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."

John Quincy Adams

When I joined NCSM I didn't consider myself a leader in mathematics education. I joined because it was cheaper to pay... read more

Personal Message

The primary discourse with respect to equity in mathematics education is centered on cultural identities tied to race. In my work as Québec team leader for NCSM and my work with teachers of students with learning disabilities I’ve come to understand that equity in mathematics education takes many forms. With two official languages, Canada, for example, has communities whose cultural identities are tied to language. I’m a native English speaker who was born, raised and now lives in the province of Québec. This makes me a linguistic minority. In most of the rest of Canada, it is the native French speakers that are the linguistic minority.

Si nous voulons être une organisme qui représente tous nos membres canadiens on doit réfléchir è comment nous pouvons soutenir nos collègues francophones dans leurs travaux. Pour déclarer assurément que nous sommes un organisme de leadership qui promouvoit l’équité et l’excellence pour tous, nos discussions doivent inclure les communautés représentées par nos deux langues officielles.

As I join the board of NCSM I also want to encourage us to reflect on what equity means for our students with learning disabilities. When, I joined the teaching professional 14 years ago we were already using text-to-speech software and yet, all these years later, there are no such software that “read” math. There are workarounds to be sure but I believe that more could be done to facilitate learning for students with disabilities.

I believe that NCSM has a very important role in supporting leaders to consider the many facets of equity as well as a responsibility to advocate for greater access for all students learning mathematics.

Member Story
Indianapolis, Indiana, 2011, was my first NCSM conference. As a newbie, I attended my first Canadian Caucus meeting. Here I was, sitting at a round table with an intimate group of Canadian math leaders. We were such a small group that I remember that we had divided up the “door prize” (an NCSM gift certificate) so that everyone got something and then we joked around that it was just such a “Canadian” thing to do. At that Caucus meeting, I met our then Regional Director, Carole Matsumoto and she later approached me to be the Québec Team Representative. This role has given me a better appreciation of the commonalities and differences that exist in mathematics education across our vast territory. It also provided me with a network of people. I will echo our outgoing Regional Director Marc Garneau’s words that the real value comes from the people I meet and connect with. It has been the people I have connected with through NCSM who have helped me grow as a leader.

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