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Steven Shadel, Central 1 Regional Director
Winter 2019/2020

Reflections, on, well, reflecting…

December is always a great time of year to reflect on both my personal and professional journey.
There are a few questions that typically go through my mind as I journal at the end of each calendar year…

  • Have I met my goals for the year?
  • Have I grown as I... read more
Personal Message
I believe in the power of mathematics education. Mathematics education is the place where students have the opportunity to solve problems, critique each other and ask questions. It should not be a place where students are consistently silent, watching an adult do math. There is a lot of work to be done in the current state of mathematics; it is seen for some students as the gatekeeper for college and careers. I hope for a day where students see the value and beauty of mathematics instead of list of rules and procedures.
Member Story
As a first year administrator I was encouraged to attend the NCSM conference by a close mentor. She mentioned how important it was to grow professionally and network with colleagues throughout the nation. After a few more conversations I decided to attend my first NCSM conference. I couldn’t believe the quality of sessions at the NCSM conference. Every session was catered to leading and supporting mathematics teachers. I left with many ideas to support teachers in my role, as well as a new group of colleagues to ask questions to throughout the year. I haven’t stopped attending the NCSM national conference. I still leave inspired every year!

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