Regional Director, Southern US 1

Bernard Frost

Bernard Frost

Director of Teacher Quality and Staff Development

3231 Old Furnace Road
Chesnee, SC 29323

(843) 810-2700


Director Report
News from the Southern 1 Region
Bernard E. Frost, Southern 1 Regional Director
Winter 2019/2020

When keeping students at the center of education, Diane Sweeney states that strong leaders build partnerships with teacher leaders, understand how to separate teacher leaders from solely evaluation, and position them to be a valued resource within the school community! With such partnerships, come professional learning opportunities. Meaningful and ongoing professional learning helps us in persevering and leading more effectively. Many excellent opportunities for professional learning were offered in … read more

Personal Message

Inspiring the next generation of teachers and leaders provides great insight on the future of education and I am honor to be able to serve as NCSM’s Regional Director of Southern 1. My passion for education is evident in my willingness to put forth 100% in curriculum planning, professional development, and overall investment into students, teachers and leaders across the globe. As a leader, I strongly believe that we work better when we all are contributing and working together with one common vision and goal and that goal directly connected to NCSM. I have already enjoy working with teachers and school leaders in South Carolina as a member of South Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics (SCCTM) and South Carolina Leaders of Mathematics Education (SCLME). I am looking forward to having the opportunity to work with the leaders in the Southern 1 Region. Together, we can enhance mathematics education for all. I will continue to incorporate the mission and vision of NCSM in the work at all levels.

Special Thanks to Deborah Crocker for her work and dedication while serving in this position. She has been an encourager, motivator and inspiration to me in mathematics leadership. I hope to work with her as I begin my term as the Regional Director of Southern 1.

Member Story

In my years in education leadership, I have served as Regional Director of South Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics (SCCTM), Vice President-Middle Level of SCCTM and President of South Carolina Leaders of Mathematics Education (SCLME). My mentor advised me to expand on such leadership endeavors and join NCSM for resources and professional learning opportunities. In the efforts for sharing the knowledge learned, I made it a priority for SCLME to become an affiliate of NCSM. During the process of waiting to become an affiliate, I focused the monthly meetings around the PRIME Leadership framework. The members enjoyed learning about the key principles of teaching and learning, equity, assessment and curriculum. Each month allowed members to reflect on their practices and make sure that we are informing teachers who are under our leadership of the four components and how the components need to exist in our schools if we want all students to experience improved achievement in mathematics.

My passion for being in education is to ensure that all students have access to quality education. Quality education requires effective mathematics teachers, relevant curriculum and culturally responsive pedagogy, which is the heart of NCSM. I was fortunate to attend my first NCSM conference as a recipient of the Iris Carle Travel Grant. The conference allowed me to connect with other mathematics specialists, engage in sessions and learning experiences, which allows me to go back to my district and state and make a difference when I share and apply the information learned from the conference. I will continue to support NCSM’s vision with teachers in my district, state, region, as well as teacher leaders who I can connect with during my career.

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