Second Vice President

Sharon Rendon

Sharon Rendon

Director of Professional Learning, CPM Educational Program

9955 Morning Glory Ct.
Summerset, SD 57718

(605) 431-0216


Personal Message

NCSM is the organization that I feel is most valuable for my current work. When I need resources or reassurance for my professional development sessions, I turn to NCSM for the pertinent information. This amazing community of learners and leaders in the field of mathematics is an organization that supports my own learning and leading. The NCSM conference continually provides me with opportunities to collaborate with others working in the field. I am grateful to those leaders who remain involved as we shape the future of mathematics education collectively.

Member Story

I became a member of NCSM when I first became a mathematics coach. My supervisor handed me a PRIME leadership book and said “Lets figure out what this coaching role looks like in the area of mathematics.” From that point on I found numerous resources and relationships which formed the foundation for my leading in the area of math education. NCSM has been the main key in the development of my role as district math coordinator.