Personal Message

I am retired now after working as a mathematics educator for 38 years, I still do some consulting facilitating professional development sessions for teachers. As I strive to provide leadership for mathematics educators I rely on NCSM to keep me informed about the latest research and programs available. NCSM resources are invaluable as tools for me to support teachers and district mathematics leaders.

Member Story

I have been a member of NCSM for many years. When I was working in higher education with pre-service teachers and teachers pursuing graduate degrees I came to depend on the research disseminated at the NCSM Annual Conference and in NCSM publications to inform my work. Several years ago, I was asked to work with a team on the Illustrating the Standards for Mathematical Practice Project and it was a wonderful experience. I have served on the NCSM Board as Regional Director for Southern 2 Region and found working with my colleagues at the regional and national level to be very rewarding. I am excited to served NCSM as treasurer and continue to learn from and collaborate with my colleagues from across the country. I never go away from an NCSM Annual Meeting without feeling renewed and excited to continue my work with other leaders in mathematics education.