News from the Eastern 2 Region
Sue Vohrer, Eastern 2 Regional Director
Fall 2019

Reflections on … New Ways of Seeing Familiar Landscapes. Have you ever looked at a landscape painting or picture and thought about where it takes you? How the picture may conjure ideas or "what if?’ Take a look at the landscapes below. What do you notice? What do you wonder?

In the first photograph, by American photographer Ansel Adams, I noticed that the bridge seemed to move my eyes across it into the fog. What lay beyond the fog? In the second painting, by American artist Thomas Benton Hart, my eyes followed the road – showing a movement of sorts. Where did it go? In the last picture, by artists Cristo and Jean Claude, I wondered why so many umbrellas? And where did they go? Landscapes give pause to think, and moves the viewer’s eyes from the foreground to the background.

In the same way, we can use this as a metaphor for thinking about our personal visions for mathematics. Just as the artist provides a way moving forward in the landscape, a vision should provide a way of moving our thinking about mathematics forward by providing bold leadership. A vision answers the questions – where do I want to go in the future? How will my (teaching, curriculum, instructional practices, etc.) look in the future? How can I craft a statement that will guide my actions over the next year, 3 years…

As you begin a new school year, it is a perfect time to think about your vision for your mathematics landscape. How do you communicate where you are now and what the future holds?

New Eastern Region 2 Director Election

We will be electing a new Eastern Region 2 Director this fall who will take office in April, 2020. Check out the candidate statements. Voting is open September 15- October 15.

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