Women and Mathematics Education (WME)


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WME’s Vision

All children – particularly girls, women and underrepresented minority students (URMS) have access to the highest quality mathematics education that empowers them to gain the self-confidence, enthusiasm, and endurance needed to succeed in mathematics and to transform themselves and their communities. We envision a world where everyone is enthused about mathematics, sees the value and beauty of mathematics, and is empowered by the opportunities mathematics affords.

WME’s Mission

To advocate for equity and high quality teaching and learning of mathematics for all students, especially related to girls, women and URMS.

WME’s Goals

  1. To advance educators’ knowledge and ability that lead to implementing an equitable, rigorous and coherent mathematics program that incorporates the role gender, language and culture play in teaching and learning mathematics;
  2. To develop and support educational leaders who continue to carry out the mission of WME;
  3. To generate and disseminate knowledge about equitable and high quality mathematics for girls, women and URMS;
  4. To inform the public and influence educational policies in ways that particularly enable girls, women and URMS to become mathematically proficient in order to enhance college, career and citizenry readiness; and
  5. To inform families about educational policies and learning strategies that will enable their children to become mathematically proficient.


WME accepting charter

Accepting Charter at NCSM Annual Conference 2017, San Antonio