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We are mighty as ONE! What an exciting opportunity it is to serve as Affiliate Coordinator for the NCSM board. To network and professionally grow together as math educators from across this great nation is powerful. I am honored to extend the work of Nanci Smith in bringing the NCSM affiliate family together in collaborative and innovative ways. I am committed to facilitating collaborative opportunities for our many affiliates to share ideas in how they are reaching and engaging the mathematical leadership communities in which they serve. How great to problem solve and strengthen our mission, together, as we go forward. My role is to be a resource helping affiliates maintain NCSM yearly standing as well as initiating and guiding new affiliates to join the NCSM family. I count it an honor to become part of this amazing group of educators who continue to learn and grow as mathematical leaders. See you on the journey!

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NCSM is powerful! My journey in math education has been highly unique and very fast paced. Having taught mathematics 6 years in public education, I quickly moved to working in a math leadership role. I have served in a variety of leadership roles including building level instructional facilitator, STEM Math Center Specialist, Mathematics Specialist for central Arkansas, NCTM Representative for Arkansas Council of Teachers of Mathematics, and President of the Arkansas NCSM Affiliate (AAML). NCSM has provided me with valuable tools to lead educators in many ways in my state. The many relationships you form through your affiliation with NCSM will be life-long. In 2019, I was honored to present at the NCSM Conference in San Diego. This was my first experience at the national level. It was so exciting to be around the finest in mathematics education. I encourage you all to step out and find your leadership role in mathematics education, grow yourself as a leader with NCSM, and know the premier tools and research you need to be great can be found in this AMAZING organization!