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Personal Message

When I need to push my thinking and grow my practice, I got to NCSM for resources, ideas, and expertise. NCSM is the organization where I find people who are doing my work at an extremely high level, that is building capacity in secondary math teachers and creating systems that support equitable teaching and learning. The organization has created a community of leaders and thinkers who are committed to the improvement of mathematics education in our country, and it is a joy to be on the team. With NCSM I know I am part of the work that will shape the future of mathematics education.

Member Story

Having taught high school mathematics for 14 years, I became a member of NCSM when I left the classroom and began a 3 year stint as the district high school math coach. I attended my first NCSM conference in San Antonio and I found more new ideas and excellent approaches then I could implement. From attending the annual conference, to reading the literature and studying the NCSM books with colleagues, NCSM has had incredible impact on my work and has shaped my thinking and approach to building strong teachers and equitable systems to support the learning of each ever students. Returning to the classroom this year, NCSM still plays a role in my work to lead from within as it guides and challenges me to be the bold leader for mathematics that my school district needs.