News from the Western 2 Region
Kathlan Latimer, Western 2 Regional Director
Fall 2017

Hello Western 2 NCSM members and interested colleagues!

Happy Fall! The beginning of a new academic year is an intense, yet exciting, time. Goals are set; new contacts are made. Change is embraced; new procedures are implemented; tried, true and effective routines and strategies are reestablished. New folks are met, be they colleagues, students, parents or administrators, while we also reacquaint ourselves with those familiar. I know that you are up for the many challenges and opportunities that a new year brings.

Part of the excitement of a new year is the myriad opportunities for professional learning and networking. I hope that you will be able both to connect with colleagues as well as participate in our regional and national activities. Here’s to a productive year.

In the August 15, 2017, e-News, our NCSM President, Connie Schrock, responded to the summer events in Charlottesville. In part, she wrote:

As you return to your classrooms I encourage you to use the power of mathematics to fight ignorance, hate and injustice. Our students look up to us and as we teach, we can model ways of thinking to promote a more just world.

A year ago, NCSM joined with TODOS: Mathematics for all in A Call for a Collective Action to Develop Awareness: Equity & Social Justice in Mathematics Education. It was a year of study, reflection, and discussion of powerful resources relating to social justice. If you missed out, consider your own study of these materials.

We hope to continue learning, but it is time to consider the action we will take as a result. How might you support the Call for Collective Action? As a state? As a district? As a school? As an individual? This is our newly revised mission:

NCSM is a mathematics education leadership organization that equips and empowers a diverse education community to engage in leadership that supports, sustains, and inspires high quality mathematics teaching and learning every day for each and every learner.

What are you doing in your classroom or from your position of support to embrace this mission?

One area started its own book study with discussions held electronically. Another held a mini-conference to share with a broader audience. In California, there has been a statewide response, a California Call to Action, where in organizations, districts, and individuals have formed a network, the California Action Network for Mathematics Excellence and Equity (CANMEE), to collaborate on promoting equitable instructional strategies; in this case, the focus is on lesson study. NCSM is presenting a daylong leadership seminar, Leading for Equity and Social Justice in Mathematics, on November 29, 2017, prior to the NCTM Regional in Chicago, Illinois.

Let’s take the NCSM president’s remarks to heart and take action to promote a more just world. Share your ideas and initiatives with the regional team leaders or myself here or on our Western Region 2 Math Circle. We can learn from each other.


Fall continues to be a busy time in our region. Do take the opportunity to participate in events in Western Region 2.

Northwest Mathematics Conference

Building Bridges for Mathematical Success
October 12 – 14, 2017
Red Lion Hotel on the River
Portland, Oregon

At this conference, there will be more than 100 presentations offered on mathematics teaching, including topics such as Common Core Standards and Mathematical Practices, technology, differentiation, assessment and much more.

Special sessions have been designed for administrators and their teacher teams (PLCs). Keynote speakers are Dan Meyer, Fawn Nguyen; featured speakers include Annie Fetter, Graham Fletcher, Catherine Fosnot, Robert Kaplinsky, Chris Shore, Andrew Stadel, Kim Sutton, and Jason Zimba.

Click here for more information.

California Mathematics Council – South Conference

Growing Powerful Students: Mathematics as a GPS to Empower All
October 27 – 28, 2017
Palm Springs, CA

Join CMC-South for its 58th Annual Mathematics Conference in Palm Springs. Choose from more than 280 sessions offered by top mathematics educators from California and throughout the United States. Attend sessions geared towards our College and Career Readiness Standards, mathematics equity and excellence, STEM, and coaching/mathematics leadership. Get tips to implement the eight Standards for Mathematical Practice in your classroom. Learn innovative teaching strategies from the best mathematics leaders.

Lee Stiff, past president of NCTM, will be the Leadership Luncheon speaker.

Other featured speakers include Karim Ani, Robert Berry, Jo Boaler, Peg Cagle, Ed Campos, Marta Civil, Juli Dixon, Annie Fetter, Graham Fletcher, Megan Franke, Robert Kaplinski, Eli Luberoff, Bill McCallum, Fawn Nguyen, Max Ray-Riek, John Stevens, Lee Stiff, Matt Vaudrey, Erica Walker, Cathy Williams, Dina Williams, and Tracy Zager.

California Mathematics Council – North Conference

Diamond Jubilee: Celebrating 60 Years of Community, Leadership and Innovation in Mathematics
December 1 – 3, 2017
Asilomar Conference Grounds
Pacific Grove, CA

Attend Asilomar to gets lots of new lessons and ideas and experience hands-on workshops to use in your classroom or to share with those you support. Attend sessions led by teachers and other educators from all levels and from all over California, the US, and beyond. Attend to discuss the latest mathematics education news, information, and issues. There will be an outstanding group of presenters – people at the forefront of change in mathematics instruction. Discover how changes in state and national policy, teaching techniques, materials, texts, and assessments will affect your classroom, your students, and your teaching.

On Friday afternoon, there will be a mini-conference featuring three-hour sessions for each grade span; presenters include Eli Luberoff, Chris Shore, Karim Ani, and more. Hundreds of sessions have been planned for Saturday. Keynote speakers are Jo Boaler, Harold Asturias, and Alan Schoenfeld.